You start to have more than Bitcoins, you diversified your now called “Portfolio”, great! Now we will help you with a new addictive toy called Portfolio tracking. We suggest to take a look at your portfolio every 2 months, in order to check significant variations but you will probably do it every 5 minutes… Never-mind, we are already addicted! It is like a game right? Let’s start!


Find a suitable platform!

After trying several, during some times, we noticed that there is 3 kind of services which are:

Smartphone App
A normal smartphone solution where you add manually the quantity of cryptocurrency you have and the App visualizes it. A bit fastidious, but when it is done, it is really cool!

Browser Platform
A web service, allowing you to setup up your cryptos, accessible from anywhere. Practical, efficient but kind of less mobile than the App.

Desktop App
You install a software on your computer, and you do the same procedure. Graphically interesting but… not really mobile!

After testing those solutions, we arrived at the conclusion that the Smartphone app is, from our point of view, the most efficient and convenient one. Other options are interesting but to be honest, on the toilet, it is very hard to deal with a computer :). This is the reason why we will explore two different Apps that we keep close to our heart.


Our Crush goes to…

Actually three Apps. One really graphic (We liked it!) called BitWorth, the second one really accurate (We need it!) called Blockfolio. And a last one, newly arrived, as a good compromise for the simplicity of use, the accuracy and the nice graphics called Delta. Then let’s start with the most graphical one.


🤙 BitWorth the most graphical

“Cryptocurrency Net Worth Tracker”
We used to play with that App at the beginning. Pretty clear and graphical but at a certain point of your crypto journey, you will need to move to another option. To start, it is totally okay but at some point, you will have a bit more needs (that we are going to provide you right after).

Appealing design. Clear information. Simple interface. Playful. Addictive.

Only iOS. Limited features. Limited historic overview. No possibility to track investment. No possibility to track exchange. Chart not accurate. No alerts.


💪 Blockfolio The most accurate

“Complete Cryptocurrency Management”
We were a bit reluctant at the beginning to use that one. Technical and a bit difficult to fill at the beginning BUT we changed our mind. After starting to be serious in the crypto investments we do, it started to be important to keep clear track of our investments and assets. We strongly recommend you that tool to get accurate information.

The most accurate. Possibility to track investment. Possibility to track exchanges. Candle charts. Easy addictive scroll. Clear information. Alerts. Newsfeed.

Too many features. Graphically not appealing. 


👌 Delta the one who loves ICOs

“The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Tool”
It is a pretty good compromise between the two previous one. Compiling all the features and accuracy of Blockfolio with a really peaceful design. Watching this app, you can lose 30% in your portfolio, you still feel good.

Peaceful design. Clear information. Simple interface. Playful. ICO integration. Addictive.

Chart clarity. Eventually problematic sometimes with a small smartphone (display < 4”).


Have fun to manage your portfolio! Let us know in the comments if you have any other recommendation and which one is your favorite!

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