Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

Let’s embrace and not be afraid of the Dark side (The quote is just there for the dramatic feeling). I personally am a Blockchain enthusiast (I fucking love the potential I can see in order to build a fair World) but to be honest, a couple of dark sides are kind of present in my mind and I wanted to share them with you. Maybe we can try to do something to fix it.


The 4th dimension

You are probably familiar with that brand new name, Blockchain. But remember, the first time you heard about it, you had no clue about what it was about! How is it working? What we can do with it? It was (and still is) so abstract… so techy… so nerdy… It’s struggling too much with your brain to really understand what possibilities are open to us but also what could be the big picture of this gigantic thing. It is difficult to realize what is the benefit of the technology at the moment.

That is for me one of the dark side of that principle, the difficulty of understanding. It will put on the side so many people, not because of their intellect, but because of their interest. It will not be like the internet, which everybody needs at some point, but more dedicated to some key stakeholder in order to make it happen. For those people who will not feel concerned, the blockchain will probably become a marketing lever more than a true understanding of the value proposition. Designers and marketers will probably have to work a lot to translate complexity into understandable user benefits.

We wish them good luck and please, don’t make that second point happen 🙂


Blockchain as a new pathword

Be ready to hear that damn word everywhere in the upcoming months! (I am serious, I do love went it comes from the community, but when it is about brands to make money on us, I HATE IT!). IBM already started with a TV commercial talking about a tomato, which is not a simple tomato but a tomato tracked by the blockchain (Blockchain? What? WOW so techy! So advanced! I need a tomato! No, I need an IBM! I need something with the blockchain!).

We are going to see, from everywhere (like in the end 90s with Internet) so many commercials with Blockchain added value. We can already feel in different meetup meetings and event that Blockchain is so hype, more and more full of demanding people. Reports show that adding blockchain to your brand name could surge by 400%. Hiring platforms are already targeting through newsletters, users to be sensitive by the current velocity of the blockchain position demand.

Blockchain is still in the backstage, but I am betting on it, we are gonna have a f*cking overdose!


Unbreakable… Lose all hope!

For the last one: ”Abandon hope all ye who read this.”

You probably (or not) hear about that Chilean artist who sneaks into a vault at a notorious private, run-for-profit university and quietly removed tuition contracts. This artist named Fried Potatoes is pointing a very interesting facts: centralized data is vulnerable, meaning decentralized data is not (or at least, less).

You probably already got it but we are going into a World where human’s mistakes or the so-called human factor will not exist anymore… There will be no chance now to be randomly removed from a database or to escape from a specific debt by “accident”. If you were hoping to erase your student loan, you better should be a talented hacker (then you probably don’t need to do that!). If you were hoping that your house loan or bank debt will by miraculously disappearing because of some cloud crash… lose all hope, it will never happen anymore. Somebody somewhere will always keep track on that thanks to the decentralized ledger.

You better should think about bitcoin more than crossing your fingers from now on.


That is the end so far, thanks for your time, if you see missing element, don’t hesitate to contact us or to add something to the comment.
We wish you a fantastic day.


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    1. Definitively right! Studies are showing that we will be more flexible in term of company’s attachment but it could be as you said a significant “plus”. Studies have shown also that we are gonna work fewer hours a week for the same company, then this “plus” will become also the “hours complement”.

      Thanks for your thought Jack!

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