Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.

Jalaluddin Rumi, you were right! Previously, in Coined, I transferred one Bitcoin with a too low transaction fee… and I thought I lost it. AND FINALLY NOT! Today it came back! (I haveve to be honest, it was more a week ago, but I was busy to write this article…). I will then relate how I got it back.


How did I get it back? NO IDEA!

Not really sure to be honest. I was looking for so many solutions, trying to do technical manipulations (that I will explain to you later) and in the middle of the process, my transaction have been accepted… In one hand, I am kind of f*cking happy! In another one, I am kind of disappointed that there is no action to do.

My advice to you for the next time: Wait and see!


Procedures if your transactions get stuck

Just to make it clear before starting, it will not happen if you are using Coinbase. The reason is because they are using dynamic fees, making it really simpler for you, lucky people!

Opt-in Replace-by-fee
It is the action to “boost” the transaction fee you did. It is always different from a wallet to another, but there is generally an option to add more money, thanks to a button or a textual option.

It is generally visible (I can also search for specific one if needed).

If this option is not available anymore, you should try another one, which seems very complicated, but in reality is full of sense and should be tried.

Child Pays for Parent (One I was trying)
The main idea, is to do a smaller transaction that you will process with the same transaction number. Basically, the title is clear enough, the small transaction (the Child) will be credited with a bigger transaction fee in order to pay for the initial transaction (Parent) you proceeded.

In that way, the overall transaction gets the desirable amount, and the all transaction starts.

An amazing video from m1xolyd1an will help you to solve your problem if it happened to you.


My learning

Whatever happened, you really really feel alone. Wallets, services, community and friends are kind of not feeling concerned at all and it is normal, that is your problem! You should not have been playing with those things! So swallow your tears and do it!

Thanks for reading my little adventure, I hope it will not happen to you, but in case feel free to share, we can support you!

See you soon, space cowboys!

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