“Don’t wait to buy a land, buy a land and wait”

Thanks to M. Rogers, we are going into the topic – Investment. This section will give you a rough idea of, what could become the interest of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. How exciting it could be to be able to design the world of tomorrow, to be able to shape it thanks to our capitals.


Initial Coin Offering /I.C.O/

abbreviation: ICO; plural: ICOs

An unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture.
“This startup is launching their ICO in June”


(Digital) Token /ˈtəʊk(ə)n/

noun: Token; noun plural: Tokens

A voucher used to represent different assets on a blockchain.
“I purchased 500 tokens in this ICO campaign.”



Then, What is it?

A startup needs to raise capitals, they launch an ICO campaign and exchange their Tokens with investors (you) against money.

That is the beauty of the blockchain technology and the world we are living in. ICOs have been designed to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process required by venture capitalists or banks.

It is exactly the same principle of the crowdsourcing principle (Kickstarter, etc…) with the difference that you are able to buy either “shares” of the company or the startup cryptocurrency. It is very interesting to be able to invest into projects or startups you like in a very early stage.
Imagine having purchased some parts of Facebook before it was launched, now it is possible.

Funds raised

Every startup needs to raise funds, in order to develop and being viable, this method is used to raise very important capitals in short terms. (3 million in 10 minutes for some of them)

New cryptocurrency

Every ICO campaigns are selling their own cryptocurrency (digital money), designed for the future service.


It is for sure a risk, it could also be a scam so inform yourself, evaluate the companies you are interested in and invest wisely.


A token is more or less like a digital contract you made with a second party, during an ICO. This token is the numeral representation of your possession.

Different assets

Each ICOs are creating their own blockchain system, with their own cryptocurrency. Reason why it’s existing so many different currencies. Bitcoin was the first one.

Let’s check this little video out to have a deeper understanding

What can we do with ICOs?

ICOs seem to be very interesting on a long term perspective.

  • Shaping the World
    You decide where to put your money, regarding your values & philosophy.
  • Invest capitals
    Maybe you will put money in the future Google or Facebook.


Why should you pay more attention?

You could rise money AND shape the world!
Those two reasons are there. Invest in a very early stage into the new Google, or the new Facebook and to choose also the projects you want to see growing, the startups you are believing in, or being passionate about. You have the financial power now to shape the World.

If you feel ready to start this more complex adventure, we invite you on our tutorial
Climb an ICO

See you there


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