“Neuron, decentralised Artificial Intelligence Distributing Deep Learning to the Edge of the Network”


The Neuron Network is a decentralized learning platform for machines. It is a distributed and permissionless network of users (or peers) with data ownership necessary to teach (or train) neural network based artificial intelligence models. Humans are the users and the machines are the students. An open, publicly accessible network democratizes access to artificial intelligence. It incentivizes users to bring data to the network for use as the curriculum used to teach machines.

Solved Problem

In the world, where intelligence is everything, do we really want to end up with a couple of corporations owning the world’s most intelligent machines?

Neuron is giving back to the user, ownership of his data.


Our opinion on Neuron

About the Project

An interesting and useful medical project. It is a platform where user can have access to specific insights in a conversational way. We are in this project, investing into a conversational AI. We don’t necessarily see the interest of a blockchain environment, except that they want to give back ownership to people about their data. That is for us a very evident argument. The design of the application is absolutely gorgeous. The user experience will be a real plus for the usability.

We like the project because of the medical and user interest. But the project itself could be done in very various ways.

About the Team

Interesting team of “mature” entrepreneur and acknowledged professionals. They all know the power of communication and are definitively mastering this art (TED talks, web aesthetic, etc…). The team is strong, researchers and business related advisors are also serious.

This project will work, but again, it could be replaced tomorrow by a similar service. No real innovation for the user.




Start: 28th September 2017
End: 12th October 2017
Token Symbol: NRN




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