“BLOCKv, exponentially increase the value that you get from the digital World”


They provide a platform for the developer community to create and distribute vAtoms: dynamic, compelling digital goods that provide new models of blockchain utility and commerce potential.

So to be honest, we are still wondering what the F*ck is it about.

Solved Problem

The virtual goods economy is spreading and growing rapidly, however, the full extent of its global impact is yet to come due to several inhibiting factors: experiential digital objects are generally stuck in the silos of walled gardens, they cannot be truly owned, they lack interoperability with real-world commerce and marketplaces. BLOCKv missions is to free the object, ushering in the new virtual goods economy. 


Our opinion on BLOCKv

About the Project

Very hard to get into it, very technical… We do not have much to say about the project except that the team knows exactly what they are talking about, it is in one hand, good?

About the Team

We are definitively following the project regarding the background of the team members. The CEO is the ex-CEO and co-founder of another blockchain project called Tether which was a pretty good success back then. The other ones are also expert and serial-entrepreneurs.

We do believe into the team and into the techy project.




Start: 12. Oct 2017
End: 16. Oct 2017
Token Symbol: VEE
# of Token: 2 billions
Minimum: No limit
Maximum: No limit
Country of origin: Switzerland



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