“Artex, how to democratize, secure and bring back transparency into Art investments”


The Artex platform records the provenance of works of art in the blockchain, enabling investors and collectors to receive information about exhibitions and sales, and to see expert assessments, price indexes, and much more using a simple mobile application.

We truly believe that a project like that deserves to exist. It is more about Humanity evolution rather than profitability.

Solved Problem

Today, Art is the most stable and reliable investment instrument. We can invest in a young artist without really losing value. It is also the market of the elite, making society growing and reflecting a certain taste. However, this market is also very limited in terms of trust and transparency, only a limited circle of specialists have the knowledge of this market.

Thanks to a mobile app, Artex wants to democratize & secure Art investment.


Our opinion on Artex

Regarding the Project

We gave a 6.4 to this project. Indicators are not really supporting the project in terms of short or long term investments. We believe more into the idea behind the project, to make Art investments a better place and also to democratize Art.

Art is for us the knowledge of our society and what will stay after us, the only proof of intelligence through creativity. Art is everything and everywhere. We are going to support that initiative, hoping they will achieve what they planned to do!

About the Team

Nothing really relevant to discuss. They do have expertise in their respective field, but we do not know them. That is the big issue if you want to do short or long term investment. We do not have any background in terms of previous world class success. They individually do have local success, but this project is really another scale. A lot of local partners and unfortunately no advisors (so far).

In another hand, they are all passionate and related to their domain of expertise so we will “believe” in the project & the team.




Start: 10. Oct 2017
End: 9. Nov 2017
Token Symbol: ART
Hard Cap: 15M$
Soft Cap: 5M$
# of Token: 250M
Minimum: No info
Maximum: No info
Country of origin: Russia




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