“Akasha, the Language of Freedom”


The ancient Sanskrit-speaking civilisation envisioned akasha as a metaphysical information network connecting humanity with itself and infinite knowledge.

As a decentralized application Akasha deploys a next-generation information architecture born from the fusion of Ethereum and the Inter-Planetary File System. Thanks to these technologies they are able to create a planetary-scale information network immune to censorship by design, where thoughts and ideas will echo throughout humanity’s existence.

Solved Problem

Facebook has +25% world’s population data centralised, other competitors are also centralising and analysing all the data in order to sharp their product to our needs, or not. Akasha main goal is to emancipate the user from the majors third party company through a decentralised platform. 


Our opinion on Akasha

About the Project

Logical idea! In the Blockchain area, it is the next big idea. We are a bit going out of the cryptocurrency by delivering a pure unchained social media platform. Owned by people to people. It fits perfectly our values and philosophy. We are eager about this project and we want much more, much more!

About the Team

The team is setted up with young founders. Not real major impact in the past BUT, when we are taking a quick look to the advisors, Vitalik Buterin is in the game. He is not there randomly so we predict that the project will be absolutely crispy! We will keep an eye on it.




No ICO planned yet


Start: Unknown
End: Unknown
Token Symbol: Unknown
Minimum: Unknown
Maximum: Unknown




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