“All thing are difficult before they are easy”

As mentioned by M. Fuller, it will be a new step for you, a new mental articulation in order to understand & accept that we are going through a new dimension. I’m talking about dimension because, so far, humanity haven’t reach any similar transformation. It’s a very tricky concept to imagine putting your money in some decentralised space to buy digital currencies but this tutorial will help you to make it more clear.

No worries, we will together thanks, pass through this “insecure” process which can scare you.


Inform yourself

More than a recommendation, we strongly ask you to educate yourself about Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is different from what you used or experienced. Principle is technical and deserve to spend a bit of time on it.

We invite you if it’s not done yet, to go through the dedicated page (or other website to cross informations).


Choose a Bitcoin exchange

An exchange platform is a place where you can trade currencies from your bank account into bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies).
They become legion on internet and you can find a exhaustive list on bitcoin.org

We tried several of them and, for the beginner you are, we suggest you to start with Coinbase, for several reasons:

Very good reputation
Easy to use
Appealing interface
Acceptable fees & exchange rate
Browser & mobile app


All the exchangers are working more or less in the same way, we just made a choice in order to be able to make a tutorial.

If you are ready to go, we invite you to clic on the logo, and let’s start the adventure.

Go to Coinbase

Don’t forget to come back for the next steps :p


Signing-up Tutorial


Warning! If you are in a foreigner country (a different one from the nationality written on your Passport OR ID card), please use a VPN redirecting from your home country! It s very important for the Verification procedure.


Tutorial Coinbase homepage

Write down in the specific field your current email address. Press enter and here you go!
They are not (at all) pushy in terms of useless emails, we recommend you a proper daily checked email. We are talking about real money.

Tutorial Coinbase signup page

Not a big deal, just fill the rest of the informations.
Warning! They have to comporte you real name and surname!
Regarding the fact that you will have to confirm your identity, it’s important to mention the right informations

Tutorial Coinbase verify email page

Done! …More or less, the most important part arrive later, but so far, so good!
Check your spam box!


Your identity check

Mainly all the exchange platforms will ask your identity in order to be able to keep traceability about trades. It’s a totally normal and secure procedure. You will have the same “problem” in all the other platform. Proof or transparency right?

Tutorial Coinbase 5 step process page


Follow all the step of this process scrupulously, there is no trap, informations are well protected from their side and it’s totally commun to be asked to send the Passport verification. It’s important to know who is buying bitcoins.

Warning! If you are a foreigner resident, write the phone number you are using, not your nationality


Into the matrix

Your Interface

I promise you, you will go there & clic more than you are expecting to do it right now… I told you!

Tutorial Coinbase dashboard page

You can see on the following screenshot, what your interface will looks like. 3 different currencies are available (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin). This exchange will allow you to purchase only those three assets. It’s more than necessary to start. Feel free to navigate through, push the button, explore!


Improve your security

Coinbase is a pretty secure platform, really! But, we are never too prudent, we strongly recommend you to activate the two-factor authentication.

Coinbase security page tutorial
In the Setting section > Security, you can have access to the page we need. Normally your phone have been verified, great. Now activate the two factor security, download the google app and follow the procedure.
When this action is done, it will require a 6 Digits code every time you login from a new computer, or made a specific transaction.


Buy a Bitcoin

Adding payment method

It is not possible to buy bitcoin right away. Coinbase haves to verify your payment method. Two options are offered to you. Credit card AND bank transfers. We will go through both options.

Tutorial add payment method

In the section Settings > Payment methods, we invite you to click on + Add Payment Method button on the right.

Tutorial screen choose method payment

Two options are offered to you, Adding a bank account or adding a credit card. The credit card will allow you to buy some coins immediately and the bank account always have a delay, but a higher limit of transaction.


Purchasing your coin

They made it well, just clic on the Buy/Sell section, choose the currency you want to purchase, select one of the payment method and press Buy!
Warning! Every transaction have a 1.49% fee. So pay attention to that.

Done! nothing more… simple… It was long and fastidious, but you did it well! The next purchases will be much more easier.


PS: The little surprise for the end, if you did follow our link, a 8€ gift will be offer to you after 100€ transferred thanks to the platform.


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