After investing in a future promising company, during a very exciting ICO, you want to get back your Tokens. Ok, it is fair. Let’s try to figure it out. Three different procedures exist to get back your tokens.


Immediate reception

For some ICOs campaign, you will have nothing to do, the tokens are already pretty common then the amount will be added automatically to your wallet. We are done, nothing more to say.

Screenshot of MyEtherWallet token area


Manual addition

That will be the main option, you purchased some tokens from a startup who will get your hands dirty. But it’s really manageable. First of all, be sure your transaction has been approved. Yes? Right, now let’s search in the ICO’s website where to recover your tokens. Certainly in the FAQ part, by email or somewhere close to the ICO section.

We are looking for 3 informations (Shared as an exemple):
Contract Address: 0x595832F8FC6BF59c85C527fEC3740A1b7a361269
Symbol: POWR
Decimals: 6

When you find them, go back to MyEtherWallet, locate the Token area and clic on “Add Custom Token”.

Screenshot of MyEtherWallet token area we will have to fill

Your Tokens are now visible


You don’t find the information?

If you don’t find those 3 previous informations, a cool website will help you to find those information. Just search the token name in the search bar and press enter. You can collect the right information and go back to the previous procedure.

Search on Ethplorer

Screenshot of the interface


If you still don’t have access, or have trouble to find this information, send to the team a message. They will reply in short terms. That is the beauty of Tokens, we are using technology and immediate transaction to achieve something, but we forget that there is a team behind, people who are looking forward to help their community.

Please enjoy and have fun!

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