We Warn you!

Play with the money you don’t need! (Pay your bills first!)

Bitcoins & altcoins are a very volatil market, consider loosing!

Secure your capital like it could be millions!


Beginning & First decisions


Our recommendation to start with Bitcoins. Limited in terms of currencies, but ideal to start and secure

Another platform we are using, simple, efficient.

Holistic listing of Exchanges (Bitcoin.org)
Exchanges provide highly varying degrees of safety, security, privacy, and control over your funds and information.

Get Started


Quick Exchanges

Super fast and easy going platform to purchase cryptocurrencies with other one. Assets limited but still growing.

Alternative to the previous one, we could also pay by card but with a minimum of 50$

Wallets (Hot & cold)

Ledger Wallet (The one we use)
Strong Hardware device that will secure your investment.

My Ether Wallet
Useful Wallet to trade ETH (Ethereum) and also start trading with Tokens.

Holistic listing of Wallets (Bitcoin.org)
Bitcoin.org is listing an exhaustive list of Wallets. You will find your needs there.


Exploring & Deepen

Useful Websites

The main platform who initiate and maintain the open-source bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin Wiki
Wiki is maintained by the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin Talk
Board (Forum) about all the imaginable topics related to Bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, economies and laws.

Bitcoin Forecast
Long term and short term Bitcoin forecast.

Cryptocurrency market overview
Overview of all the different cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins & altcoins).


News & Infos

CoinDesk is the world leader in news and information on digital currencies such as bitcoin, and its underlying technology – the blockchain.

Cointelegraph is a completely independent publication covering cryptocurrency, the blockchain, decentralized applications, the internet of finance and the next gen web.


Interesting Podcasts


Laura Shin, senior editor at Forbes, talks with industry pioneers about how crypto assets and blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money.

Epicenter Bitcoin

It is a weekly podcast which talks about the latest news and developments in Bitcoin and crypto-currencies.

Bitcoin Knowledge

Interviews with the top people in Bitcoin world about blockchain and fintech.

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