“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing”
Thanks to M. Finlay. It will look very difficult at the beginning, extremely nerdy, insecure and not fruitful. Yes, it was exactly the same feeling for us, we also loose a bit of money by experimenting BUT in the end, everything went right, and we are now much more confident, we just continued climbing!
In 3 chapters, we will explain you and guide you through a total new adventure, giving you the power to invest money! Stay strong!


Being informed

ICO’s platforms

Several platforms are popping up on internet to give you the opportunity to be aware of upcoming campaigns. Some platforms are rating and evaluating the campaigns. In our opinion, a good balance with all those platforms will help you.

ICO Rating
ICOrating specializes in evaluating companies with a planned ICO. ICOrating’s analysis is thorough and objective, reviewing companies as potential investment objects.

ICO Alert
ICO Alert is a trusted ICO Discovery Platform of active and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings. Simple and very straight forward.

Smith + Crown
They maintain a curated list of ongoing and upcoming token sales (ICOs) and crowd sales.


Analyse & evaluation

As you can see, a couple of ICOs are upcoming with variety of projects, teams, logos and new cryptocurrencies. It starts to become very blurry to figure out which could be the golden nugget, or the next scam. We do not have the right answer for you, but we have some advices that could help you to make your decision.

Inform yourself
Read as much as you can regarding the project, cross information on different platforms.

Google the name + ICO + review
The community is always giving good advices. It is crucial to just spend 5 minutes of your time to quickly check that.

Check the team
It is important to know who you will give your money to. If you want to invest into a first class startup, the team should be first class. What did they do? Where are they coming from? What are they worth to?

Pick an upcoming one
If you are looking for the golden nugget, the one which are pending are by definition, less attractive.

If you have made your decision, found a good one, matching you values or desires, now you are ready!


Being prepared

ICO’s front page

All the different ICOs are made by different teams, from different countries and cultures. There is no rule but a common sense. Here, we share with you an example BUT AGAIN, they are all different.

We notice always the same pattern: a timer and a mail collector.


Book your ICO

When you targeted your ICO, found out all the information you were looking for, book it. It will be a shame to miss your golden nugget right? It’s kind of old school but calculate when the ICO will start and asign a little slot in your agenda. One thing we warn you to keep in mind.

Check theTime zone
Some ICOs are done in less than 10 minutes. So if you make a mistake with the Time zone the team is using, you are kind of fucked…

Set up alerts
From our side, we have several reminders, one day before the sale, two hours before the sale and 10 minutes before. Like so, we can not miss it.


Open your wallet

Don’t ever buy tokens during ICO with your exchanges wallet (Coinbase, etc…)

If you followed the tutorial we made to open a Coinbase wallet, we have to warn you again to not use that wallet for the ICOs. The reason why? Because Coinbase platform (and other exchanges) are generating dynamically your private key, you do not have access to it. When you will buy tokens, you could received them right away on your wallet OR at the end of the campaign. The blockchain will send you on your non existing private key, and you will loose your investment…

Mainly, Tokens purchases are made in Ethereum. The technology have been accepted by the all community so far, it is the way it works. We invite you then to create a Ethereum wallet on MyEtherWallet. This wallet will contain all your digital contracts in the future (Tokens).

This platform is really simple to access and also allows you to use a hard drive wallet to secure it.

Open MyEtherWallet

And a simple tutorial to be introduced to the new platform


Buy tokens

Be prepared

Your calendar warns you about the upcoming sale, you are boiling, that is great! Be prepared because it will be very quick. First of all, transfer Ethers to your MyEtherWallet.

Fix you a budget
Fix you an amount you want to purchase, and stick to it!

Check funds
Be sure you have enough money on your MyEtherWallet, including the gas requirements.


Collect the informations

For each ICOs, there is a procedure. They are all more or less the same, but they treat information always very differently. We share with you somme various examples, don’t be afraid, just read and collect them wisely.

When your information are collected, fill your MyEtherWallet form and keep waiting until the right moment. Until it is exactly the right time, indicated on the ICO webpage. Before validating be sure of the following:

Right address
A lot of scams could make you send your investment to the wrong address. Always be sure that you are on the official webpage, with the right information.

Gas limit
As far as we know, there is always a gas limit provided, scrupulously write it down.

Screenshot of the prepared interface to purchase Tokens.



PRESS PLAY! Time is a big issue for some ICOs. Generate the transaction and double validate the transaction. When it’s done, just check the transaction on the following platform, when the transaction has been validated, close your computer, breath, and you are done!

Copy past your address, and follow the pending transaction
Check your Transactions

When you are done, the tokens are transferred to your address. Sometimes immediately, sometimes thanks to a manipulation, sometimes at the end of the ICO.


Wait & see!

Nothing more to do, we recommend you to wait, to let the startup work on the project they showcased. Follow them, follow the team and also the token value. Trade them, purchase more, support.

We recommend to really wait a couple of years, it is really a long term investment.

Be patient and enjoy.

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