We are Designers. Travelers. Blockchain Enthusiastic. Food Lovers. Daydreamers.

Coined’s Philosophy

At Coined. we are optimistic believers. We found into the Blockchain technology a possibility for Humanity to move one step forward. Initially, we are user entered designers, applying Design thinking in our daily life to various worldwide clients. We are today at the summit of the industry, shaping things, improving systems, targeting new customers. We are reading your mind and we are selling products, services or as we call it “experiences”.

We truly believe into people rather than systems, meaning that we are focused on the user interests more than on the system interests. It is where the Blockchain technology appears. It is the third time, in humanity, that people are free to discover, experiment, monopolise a new principle. The first one were the Gold rush during the far west era, anyone with tools is able to reach success! The second one was Internet, everybody is able to connect to anybody and has access to knowledge. Today, Blockchain gives us a chance to harmonise the world. To give the same chance for anybody to participate or to start doing.

We feel so confident that Humanity will move one step forward through this new technology. Giving a chance to emerging countries to start doing, and being funded, to give a chance to small capital to invest into philanthropic projects, and to give a chance to entrepreneurs to start something somewhere else than in the Silicon Valley.

We are seeing Blockchain like a World harmonisation of chances.


Why this Coined?

Thanks to our broken english, we decided to democratise and share the knowledge we pained to gain to curious people. It was a real pain in the ass to get into that topic, it is a nerdy universe with complicated terms and new softwares.

We decided then to use our Design skills to simply understand, spot the problems and trying to give answers and solutions to people like you. In a simple way, with our words, in a “bar discussion style”.

We hope this initiative will help you to go further and we wish to meet you one day, to discuss about what Blockchain is for you or does for you.

Enjoy Coined.

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I'm a User-Centered Problem Solver. Traveler. Entrepreneur. Daydreamer. Curious & Human Passionate. I f*cking love Science. Technology. Design. Coding. History. Art. Future Visions. Blockchain. Dinosaurs & Humans!

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